Au Pair Nanny Suite Attic Remodel in Cary, NC

Molly and Greg's busy lives and their desire to have their children cared for in their home led them to bring in a full-time Nanny to help with child care and day to day home tasks. They wanted to have a comfortable place where she could spend the night and feel at home, and could also function as a private Au Pair Nanny Suite or Teen Suite. Their preferred solution was to add a full bathroom and closet in their finished attic and convert it into an additional bedroom suite.

We got to work designing a bathroom layout that would meet current NC Building Codes and find a way to get the main drain from their 3rd story down to the crawl space. We wanted to bring in as much daylight into the bathroom without compromising the amount of daylight in the bedroom, as well as install a larger window that would allow an escape route from the bedroom per building code, and also provide for plenty of storage space. We also converted an old water heater closet into a clothes closet.

Our solution was to incorporate interior transom windows in the design of the bathroom to bring in copious amounts of daylight without compromising privacy. The modern 1/4 circle shower with sliding glass doors and cabinetry combined with the luxury vinyl floor tile created a wonderfully light, airy, and comfortable bathroom. The larger exterior window in the bedroom brought in additional daylighting and the addition of the clothes closet rounded the Au Pair Nanny Suite out!


About Paradise Found Construction

At Paradise Found Construction, we're grateful and honored  to be trusted with the homes of our clients in Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Holly Springs, Apex and beyond. We are dedicated to providing affordable custom remodels and new custom homes that fit your unique vision, while partnering with you to scale features to align with your budget. We promise to be transparent and reliable to help you along each step of the way.

Choosing custom construction allows you the flexibility to get everything you want — and nothing you don’t.

Our passion is to help you create your personal Paradise in your home. We work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life in a 3D visual design, and then turn it into your finished masterpiece.


Thinking about upgrading your master bath, but aren’t sure what to do? A large portion of houses built within the last decade have a similar setup in their master baths: a large garden tub, a separate small shower enclosure and small vanities and cabinets. Though initially the garden tub is appealing to homeowners, over time it turns out that those tubs are rarely used, and ultimately become a waste of a large amount of space that could otherwise be more useful.

One of our recent remodeling clients had just this type of master bath setup. Though they wanted to retain a tub, they felt their garden tub took up too much floor space. They also wanted to redo the bathroom to have more of a retro-style look and feel. They liked the idea of the vintage claw-footed free-standing tub and a “subway tile.”

To accommodate the new tub, we removed the old garden tub, which gave us more floor space for which to expand and redo the existing shower area. The addition of new tile to the now larger shower enclosure, plus mosaic floor tiles, gave the bathroom an entirely new look.

To complement the new tile and bath setup, we installed a rich, dark wood vanity with a Carrera Marble counter top. Additional marble was installed on the top of the shower curb and on the half wall that separated the water closet from the main room.

The new custom design transformed our clients’ plain master bath into an inviting retro-style master bath that is not only more aesthetically pleasing but much more useful for them every day.  Check out the BEFORE and AFTER photos of this Vintage Bathroom Remodel in Cary NC.

About Paradise Found Construction

Since 2009, our mission and passion has been to help our clients create their personal Paradise in their homes. We work closely with them to understand Their Vision, and leverage our vast experience in residential design to bring it to life in a 3D Color Visual Design before helping them Rediscover the Paradise in Their Home.


Preserving the Environmental Heritage of Heritage Hills in Chapel Hill

 Performance (Green) building has come a long way. While a decade ago many may have perceived green building to be a fad, today it’s about more than just reducing a carbon footprint.  Financially, it makes good sense with eco-friendly designs that deliver appealing functionality and healthy indoor air quality.  For the second year in a row, Jeff Wiblitzhouser with Paradise Found Construction has received the National Association of Home Builder’s (NAHB) 2014 NAHB Green Certified Remodel of the Year Award, this time for a home in Orange County. 

Located in southern Chapel Hill, the 40+ year old, two-story Gambrel Roof home remodel demonstrates how easy it is to preserve the charm and security of an older neighborhood and the many benefits it offers, making the home healthier for its occupants while reducing its ongoing cost of ownership.  This amazing whole hose remodel demonstrates how to preserve the heritage and charm in older neighborhoods with modest investments that create a healthier living environment and yearly savings that compound over time. 

“While any home can be built or remodeled with green features, a home that meets the National Green Building Standard’s certification criteria offers financial gains when the cost of ownership is reduced and a home’s value is increased,” says Jeff Wiblitzhouser President of Paradise Found Construction.  “Plus, growing market evidence shows new and remodeled homes that are green certified are increasing in value and holding it better than those traditionally built or remodeled.”

The Heritage Hills home was structurally sound but needed improvements in energy usage, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality.  By replacing the original single-pane windows with more energy efficient double-pane ones, right-sizing the HVAC system, adding a dual zone controller, replacing and sealing all duct-work and a variety of other energy-efficient upgrades, the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating was reduced from 98 to 59.  In total, energy was reduced by 40% and projected savings are projected to be $900 yearly.

Water efficiency was also addressed by incorporating EPA Water Sense-rated toilets and plumbing fixtures as well as upgrading appliances like the washing machine, which reduced the overall water usage by over 40%.   Furthermore, natural hardwoods with no volatile organic compound (VOC) finishes, formaldehyde-free materials and no-VOC paints were used to improve the indoor air quality.  The original wood burning fireplace was replaced with a direct-vent natural gas one and exhaust fans were installed in bathrooms to help create a healthier indoor environment.

In addition, Wiblizthouser helped the owners incorporate the latest design trends that would harmonize with the rest of the home.  He increased the usefulness and aesthetics of their screened porch by creating an appealing room that could be enjoyed year round.  He also brightened living areas with lighter colors to increase sunlight reflectivity.

The homes in Heritage Hills represent the explosive growth of home ownership that occurred during the economic expansion that followed the end of WWII, and they were designed to foster a sense of community, where families could come together.  They were also built with denser wood that offers superior structural support compared to the same homes built using lumber from today’s faster-growing trees.  Rather than demolish structurally sound homes to make way for larger ones with larger carbon footprints, a green certified remodel is increasingly attractive. 

“We can preserve older neighborhoods with established traffic patterns and charm by changing the inefficiencies,” said Wiblitzhouser.  “With a relatively modest investment, a green certified remodeling provides a short investment payback and continued yearly savings over time as energy and water costs outstrip the cost of inflation.  Plus, when it comes to resale value, green certified homes sell at the upper end of the range and more quickly.”

Just last year, Wiblitzhouser completed a green certified remodel that enabled a Raleigh home owner to sell the home within three days of completion.  Compared to equivalent traditional construction, green certifications offer a significant value and advantage in the marketplace. Paradise Found Construction also won the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) 2013 Project of the Year for Green Certified Remodeling.   

About Paradise Found Construction

Since 2009, our mission and passion has been to help our clients throughout the Triangle NC create their personal Paradise in their homes. We work closely with them to understand Their Vision, and leverage our vast experience in residential design to bring it to life in a 3D Color Visual Design before helping them Rediscover the Paradise in Their Home.


Apex NC Aging in Place Master Bedroom Suite Addition

Susan and Doug loved their two-story home set on a lovely large and secluded wooded lot in a quiet and centrally located neighborhood in Apex, NC.

They decided that they would retire in the home, but were aware of their need to transition to a first-floor fully accessible living environment as they aged so that they could remain in their home as long as possible. Our solution was to design and build a first-floor Master Bedroom Suite Home Addition that flows seamlessly into the other living areas on their first floor, and also serves to bring more of the “outdoors in”, allowing them to enjoy more of their lovely large wooded back yard and gardens.

The Aging in Place and Special Needs Accessible Master Bedroom Suite Addition transformed their two-story home into a fully accessible and functional 1st Floor retirement home, with guest suites on the 2nd Floor!

The Master Suite Addition features a large master bedroom with generous windows that looks out on the lovely wooded back yard and creates a light and bright interior. The large master bathroom features an amazing tiled barrier-free shower, large closet, free-standing tub, and fully wheelchair accessible water closet.

Beautiful natural finish hardwood floors flow into the fully wheelchair accessible and barrio-free kitchen, dining room, and family room. The large wrap-around deck extends the living space into the large private back yard, and ties the master bedroom in with the screened porch.

Special Features:

  1. Fully Aging in Place and Special Needs Accessible 1st Floor Home.
  2. Generous windows to bring in natural light and the lovely private and wooded back yard.
  3. Energy efficient advanced building science techniques.
  4. Amazing tiled barrier-free shower and master bath.
  5. Integration of sentimental heirloom vanity and several hand-made pottery vessel sinks.
  6. Beautiful natural finish hardwood floors.
  7. Wrap-around deck that extends the barrier-free living spaces into the private back yard.

About Paradise Found Construction

Since 2009, our mission and passion has been to help our clients throughout the Triangle NC create their personal Paradise in their homes. We work closely with them to understand Their Vision, and leverage our vast experience in residential design to bring it to life in a 3D Color Visual Design before helping them Rediscover the Paradise in Their Home.


STAR Award presented to Paradise Found Construction by Home Builders Association

– Best Bathroom $30-35k

Recently, the Remodelers Council, formed by the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County, awarded its yearly STAR Awards, which showcase Triangle achievements in remodeling. The Council was created to help improve professionalism among remodeling contractors and to provide information to the public about selecting a contractor. The awards program recognizes local remodeling companies for their work during the previous year, in such categories as Best Kitchen or Best Outdoor Living.

This year, we are honored to be the recipient of the STAR Award for Best Bathroom $30K to $35K.

The project for which we earned the recognition was for a couple in Holly Springs NC. They love their home but their master bath was outdated, and they wanted to upgrade to more of a spa bathroom look and feel.

After consulting with the couple, we came up with a new bathroom design. We would remove their old fixtures, including the jacuzzi, the shower, vanity, lighting and tile, and we’d replace it all with a more modern, user friendly setting. We also designed their new setup to have more usable space. We added more shower space by combining the area of the old shower and tub. Additional space was created for accessories in the shower, as well as out, via a more modern vanity.

The overall feel of the new master bath was completed with mirrors, special lighting, and tiles in a warm, rich tone.

To see the before and after images of this STAR Award-winning bathroom project.

STAR Awards nominees are judged using the following criteria: workmanship, detailing, quality of materials used, overall appearance, floor plan and design, lighting, special touches, overall customer service and responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction.

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