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Home Elevator Installation

Home Elevator Installation: What You Need to Know

A home elevator installation can increase the value and accessibility of your home. The same is true when it comes to the selection of the right elevator and the installation process.

When it comes to home elevators, there's no one-size-fits-all. In fact, we custom-design each installation based on the characteristics of each home. You may want to schedule a consultation for more information about your space and requirements.

Improve Your Home Accessibility with an Elevator Installation

Having an elevator in the house definitely makes it more accessible. Anyone can use a residential elevator, no matter what the mobility challenges are. Design and technology innovations have brought elevator prices and costs down.  

Check out these advantages of having a residential elevator installed:

  • When you are moving heavy objects, using an elevator helps save time and makes moving multiple items more convenient.
  • The elevator shaft takes up very little space.
  • Homes with a future accessibility plan sell for more money. 
  • You will be safer using an elevator than a stairway.
  • Elevators make living a pleasure by combining style and functionality. 

Whether you install a home elevator for accessibility or for style, you'll be able to enjoy your home for years to come.

Types of Residential Elevators

Are you considering a home elevator installation?  You might benefit from a specific elevator or lifting system based on your needs. Your home's aesthetics and size will also determine the kind of elevator that's right for you. 

Lifts work the same way: a lifting system is attached to a compartment in the hoistway. However, if you want to have - smooth ride, energy-saving, etc. - you may be better served by a particular elevator and lifting system. We have provided a list of some residential elevator types.

Types of Residential Elevators in Raleigh

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are designed to handle frequent, long-term use. Furthermore, they are very quiet and smooth to ride in. It's hard to beat them in durability, weight capacity, and how many floors they can serve.

Shaftless Elevators

An elevator with a shaftless design will fit within your home with minimal disruption during installation. It is a great alternative to a stairlift or full-size elevator. The main benefits of this type of elevator are convenience and mobility. Consequently, they are popular with seniors and those who want to age-in-place.

Vacuum (Air-Driven) Elevators

Pneumatic elevators are vacuum-operated, see-through lifts. A modern and luxurious design, the glass exterior's distinctive circular shape provides an elegant and luxurious appearance while still making it more accessible. 

Additionally, pneumatic elevators are environmentally friendly, as they are free of harmful gases, oils, and lubricants.

Traction Elevators (Electric Elevators)

Traction elevators are the most common kinds of home lifts. Elevators use steel ropes to raise the carriage; the rope passes over an electric motor attached to a wheel above the elevator shaft.  Their advantages include: 

These lifts use less energy than hydraulic lifts. Secondly, they are quieter, and they ride smoothly. Thirdly, you can open traction elevators from any location.

How Much it Cost to Put an Elevator in a Home

When you are ready to invest in an elevator installation for your home, don't let the cost put you off. To be sure, they are an excellent investment. The majority of homeowners install elevators to help them move heavy and large items up and down the stairs. When you have a home elevator it helps those with disabilities or aging relatives get from one floor to another.

In addition, elevators can be used by individuals with disabilities or immobility and add value to homes. The price of home elevators varies based on a variety of factors, including what kind of elevator you choose and what features you want.

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