Wake Forest NC Whole House and Healthy Home Renovation

Keith and Amy loved their home in quiet Wake Forest neighborhood on a large corner lot on a cul-de-sac. Over time, Amy had developed allergic reactions to unknown allergens in their home. As her condition worsened, it became impossible for her to spend much time in the home, and they were forced to move out and find temporary housing accommodations.

After months of talking with other home improvement providers and indoor air “experts” and trying other solutions to no avail including having their HVAC ducting cleaned, they turned to Paradise Found Construction and our expertise and experience in transforming indoor environments in homes into healthy and clean living spaces. Because many of the improvements we undertook to create a cleaner environment also provided energy savings, we had our work certified under the 2012 National Green Building Standards (NGBS) and were award a Bronze level certification for the home.

We conducted a thorough investigation and testing regimen that included bringing in our team industry leading air quality and HVAC experts, we developed a comprehensive plan of action that would solve their “sick home syndrome”.

We removed all of the carpeting and pad from the home and thoroughly cleaned all surfaces and filtered the air with advanced HEPA filtration units. There were a few areas of mold in the crawl space which we mitigated as well. We thoroughly air sealed the home, paying particular attention to the ground level and attic floor system. Since the HVAC systems and ducting had become re-contaminated, we cleaned both units and all associated duct work.

To eliminate unhealthy air being drawn into the home from the crawl space, we completely sealed and conditioned the crawl. In order to provide a controlled entry point for clean fresh air into the home we installed an energy efficient stand-alone Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV).

We installed wood flooring in all of the living areas that did not have wood flooring, and finished all of the flooring using a NO-VOC water-based floor finish. All of the painted surfaces of the home were sealed and painted with NO-VOC latex paint.

To further improve the energy performance of the home in addition to thoroughly air-sealing and sealing and conditioning the crawl space, we installed 100% LED lighting in the home. We improved the water efficiency of the home by installing low-flow EPA WaterSense rated toilets and shower heads, converted all of the bathroom and kitchen faucets to be more water efficient.

Upon completion, Amy and her family was able to move back into their cozy and clean “new home”, and are once again able to enjoy and be comfortable in their home.

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