Award Winning Water Damage Insurance Restoration

A small pinhole in the coupling of the hot water supply line from the Hot Water Heater developed and began leaking and spraying hot steamy mist. Because of its location in the seldom used Finished Full Basement, it initially went unnoticed.

Award Winning Water Damage Insurance Restoration

By the time the homeowners noticed the leaking water, the moisture content in the ceiling sheetrock and well down the walls read 100%. The moist, warm environment proved to be ideal for colonies of mold spores to spread throughout the basement, aided by the HVAC systems return and supply lines circulating the mold spores. It didn’t take long before mold patches eventually covered all of the exposed materials and surfaces, furniture included.

The homeowners’ had protection from their insurance policy and were able to have repairs done after this unfortunate disaster.

Construction ensued. The ceiling, floors, and all of the interior and exterior walls were stripped down to the wood framing and masonry and disposed of. The 1st and 2nd Floor HVAC Ductwork was removed, and the entire existing Full Bath was gutted.

The remodeling included increasing the size of the full bath and removing the shower/tub as well as installing a large and comfortable tile shower. We added a small towel closet, and a separate entry into the adjoining room, which would now be reconfigured into a bedroom. A new EPA Water Sense-rated commode, a vanity cabinet with a natural granite countertop and an under-mount sink, a wall-hung mirror, and new sconce lights rounded out the update.

We turned the adjoining room next to the full bath into a bedroom. We added generous closet storage space and new lighting.

We finally turned our attention to the old kitchenette / wet bar. We took away some of the footprint to add to the full bath and designed an efficient and handsome wet bar / kitchenette.

Porcelain tile, no VOC interior paints, a complete replacement of the basement and 1st Floor HVAC ducting, air handler equipment cleaning, and green-certified carpet and pad combined to create a healthy and light-filled living environment.

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