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A whole home remodel is the perfect time to integrate smart home upgrades. Many companies are starting to offer products that integrate seamlessly into the design of a home. Smart home features increase your home’s comfort, convenience, and efficiency, and investing in these technologies can increase the value of your home. Smart home technology can set your home apart from other options on the housing market and potentially increase the value of your home.

Capitalize on your next upgrade and consider incorporating these six smart home renovations into your living space:


If you’re planning to install a number of smart home products during your home renovation project, a smart home system can help you automate the function of each device. A good place to start is with a digital assistant, popular brands include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri from Apple. Once you’ve chosen a smart home automation system, be mindful to select smart devices that are compatible to further the benefits in your home.


A smart thermostat is a nice upgrade for your heating and cooling system. During your home renovation, you can hardwire sensors directly into your smart thermostat, allowing it to automatically regulate the temperature in each room. For example,  smart thermostat can provide voice control through digital assistants as well as control capability of humidity, dual fuel, forced air, and geothermal.


Adding sensors that detect motion, door or window access, smoke or carbon monoxide, and flooding components are items that can be integrated into an automation system and customized to the layout of your home. When you tie an alarm panel into a home automation system, it can turn on instantly or flash repeatedly to alert neighbors of a potential threat.


A home renovation gives you the opportunity to upgrade your home’s electrical system for your tech-friendly lifestyle. Outlets with built-in USB ports allow easy smartphone and tablet charging without the need for a power brick, freeing up the outlets for appliances and lighting. Make sure USB outlets meet the highest standards for safety.


Speakers and entertainment equipment can take up considerable space and unsightly wires can be unattractive. Luckily, there are many speaker suppliers on the market that offer custom speaker systems that integrate directly into your home’s walls, ceiling, cabinetry, and even your patio. And they can be custom-matched to the painting on your walls or to various wood veneers.


Doorbell cameras, perimeter cameras, and interior cameras can be accessed and monitored by your cell phone or note pad while you’re away from home. Sensibly camouflaging security cameras into the design of your home can help protect your home without making friends or family feel awkward. Doorbell cameras are low-profile and minimally invasive. You can easily install one during an upgrade of your entryway. 

Thus, if a home remodel is in your future, the opportunity to update your home’s technology shouldn’t be missed. Your smart home can make everyday tasks and activities more pleasant and convenient, all while keeping your family safer and more secure.

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