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Pamper Yourself  With a Spa Bathroom

Award Winning Spa Master Bath in Holly Springs, NC

Ann Marie and Mike loved their home and their neighborhood in Holly Springs NC. They had been living there for ten years, but their Master Bathroom had become outdated and uninspiring. They had a large Jacuzzi garden tub that was never used and took up a lot of floor space. Their shower was outdated and felt small and there was nowhere to put all of the shampoo bottles and shower accessories. They longed for a larger shower and a warm and inviting space.

The look and feel of a Spa Bathroom appealed to them, so we got to work.

We combined the space taken up by the old shower and tub and created a large continuous shower space, and added a half-wall tiled on both sides with several large “shampoo nooks” inside the shower to hold all of the shower accessories and keep them hidden from sight. A frame-less “Rain Glass” shower wall added a measure of privacy. We built a tiled seat just outside the shower enclosure that served as a “drying area”, and added a small tiled foot rest in one corner of the shower for ease of shaving. The multi-purpose shower fixtures included a large overhead “Rain Head”, and a hand-held shower head on a slide bar for showering or hand-held use.

For one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home, the bathroom vanity, we designed and installed a wall-mounted double vanity with a storage tower in the middle for storing and hiding every day accessories. The wall hung mirrors, ceiling can lights, and a pendant light over each sink rounded out the amenities. A special touch to the granite counter top was added to hold a hand or shower towel.

The warm rich tones of the porcelain tile with generous accents and the exquisite natural pebble shower floor added pizzazz and the “Wow” factor we were looking for. The earth tone color palette accented the rich dark wood of the vanity beautifully.

Ann Marie’s and Mike’s new Spa Bath is now a special space and luxurious retreat that they forward to using every day!

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