Throwback Vintage Master Bathroom Remodel in Cary NC

Thinking about upgrading your master bath, but aren’t sure what to do? A large portion of houses built within the last decade have a similar setup in their master baths: a large garden tub, a separate small shower enclosure and small vanities and cabinets. Though initially the garden tub is appealing to homeowners, over time it turns out that those tubs are rarely used, and ultimately become a waste of a large amount of space that could otherwise be more useful.

One of our recent remodeling clients had just this type of master bath setup. Though they wanted to retain a tub, they felt their garden tub took up too much floor space. They also wanted to redo the bathroom to have more of a retro-style look and feel. They liked the idea of the vintage claw-footed free-standing tub and a “subway tile.”

To accommodate the new tub, we removed the old garden tub, which gave us more floor space for which to expand and redo the existing shower area. The addition of new tile to the now larger shower enclosure, plus mosaic floor tiles, gave the bathroom an entirely new look.

To complement the new tile and bath setup, we installed a rich, dark wood vanity with a Carrera Marble counter top. Additional marble was installed on the top of the shower curb and on the half wall that separated the water closet from the main room.

The new custom design transformed our clients’ plain master bath into an inviting retro-style master bath that is not only more aesthetically pleasing but much more useful for them every day.  Check out the BEFORE and AFTER photos of this Vintage Bathroom Remodel in Cary NC.

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