Dare to Show Your Colors in Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design and Remodel in Cary NC

Sonya and Mark bought their dream home in Cary NC and decided to update key areas before they moved in. They wanted to to reconfigured their Laundry Room and completely remodel the Kitchen.

They were drawn toward a green/blue color palette, and our green painted “distressed” wood cabinets resonated with their design tastes. They were worried that they might create a "negative" when they sold the house later, but we convinced them to "follow their hearts" and create the kitchen that they will love to be in every day.

We rounded out the design with antique nickel pulls and knobs and “Jade” granite granite counter tops that contained colors of all of her design elements including the slate mosaic tile backsplash, which all came together to spectacularly compliment each other.

The 36″ Pro Range with a stainless steel back splash and hood was something Sonya had grown up with in her Mother’s kitchen and this was an emotional “must have” for her. We reconfigured the cabinet and appliance layout to facilitate easier flow and usability, and also continued with the slate mosaic tile into the adjoining family room by re-facing the brick fireplace surround and hearth, and their new "dream home" was complete!

They appreciated our interest in environmental responsibility, resource conservation, energy efficient and green solutions, and recycling. She was very interested in our relationship with Habitat For Humanity and our commitment to donate all re-usable items that we removed from their home during the renovation that we could. 

About Paradise Found Construction

Since 2009, our mission and passion has been to help our clients create their personal Paradise in their homes. We work closely with them to understand Their Vision, and leverage our vast experience in residential design to bring it to life in a 3D Color Visual Design before helping them Rediscover the Paradise in Their Home.


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If you are considering either an addition or adding an accessory dwelling unit. Choosing Paradise Found Construction allows you the flexibility to get everything you want — and nothing you don’t. We work closely with you to understand your vision. Using 3D visual design our team will bring it to life. To be sure, we will help you create a home that is both beautiful and inviting.
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