What do our clients think about our work?

The highest compliment for us is when a past client takes the time to reflect on working with Paradise Found Construction to help them design and build their vision, and writes a few honest and heartfelt words about their overall experience.

Ann Marie K.

Complete Master Bath Remodel Holly Springs NC

“Paradise Found Construction remodeled our master bathroom which was 10+ years old. This was a total remodel with everything removed from the bathroom, down to the subfloor and sheetrock. We have rather extensive rewiring to improve the overall lighting of the bathroom and some minor plumbing changes to improve the shower from a standard shower to an open walk-n “Spa” style shower. This was our first remodeling project so Jeff was very helpful in explaining all the steps and working with us as the bathroom changed from our original design on paper to actual, finished product.

The road to get to the finished product was a little difficult with some turn over on a few of the sub-contractors but Jeff was always prompt to fix and/or address the situation. We were one week delayed in completion from our original timelines but that was not due to any issue with Jeff’s work. Overall, the final bathroom remodel has exceeded our original thoughts and ideas and we are very pleased with his work. We would recommend Jeff and Paradise Found Construction for a remodel.”

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Bob S.

Screened Porch Chapel Hill NC

“Jeff did a great job for us. He was very detail oriented through out the process making sure that everything was done right and to our liking. He was very easy to work with from the planning process to construction.”

Dave P.

Professional Home Inspector Triangle NC

“These days, there are remodelers on every street corner, hawking their proven path to update your house. They perpetuate the idea that those of us who are in the process of making changes don’t really know what we need to know, that we cannot trust our own insights and must rely solely on theirs. Jeff is the complete opposite. He shares strategies and insights from his own experiences that are valuable. He educates and empowers his clients as they transform their life with an updated place to call home!”

David H.

Multiple Renovation Projects Raleigh NC

“Jeff (Paradise Found Construction) has accomplished several projects for us, the first when he/they were just getting started and the last a little over a year ago. Most of my family works some aspect of construction (in another state), so I’m familiar with the unreliability of too many contractors, especially with home owners. I wanted a company that pays attention to the little things, is reliable and timely, contributes excellent ideas, and performs on time, on schedule, and at the price quoted. In this area, Paradise Found Construction and Jeff are who you want doing your work. The last project Jeff performed for us was a remodel of our upstairs suite (3 Bedrooms, a living area, and a 2 room full bath), including installation of wood floors and refurbishing the bathroom.

The project included minor plumbing and cabinet work, tile work (including some creative work to fix some poorly designed work done by the original builder), installation of wood floors, new stairs, and a lot of finishing work. The end result was an update of our upstairs to an almost new condition that has added years to our home, modernization its appearance and utility. It was beautifully done and continues to get compliments from guests and friends 14 months later.

When we have additional projects, Paradise Found Construction will be our vendor of choice. Another thing we really appreciate is that if our project is too small or doesn’t fit into Paradise’s ability to get to it within our needed timeframe, they don’t make commitments they can’t meet, and Paradise always provide us an alternate recommended service provider. These are people and companies who Paradise uses in their business and all of whom have done superb work in their own right when we’ve used them. We highly recommend Jeff and Paradise Found Construction for any major remodel or new construction you have.”

Dominic M.

Family Room Addition Wake Forest NC

“We decided to investigate adding an extension to our home and started calling around to different contractors to set up appointments & to see what was possible.  We found Jeff at Paradise Found Construction, and when we first spoke to him Jeff was very open and honest with us.

He got a basic understanding of what we wanted to do and knew our budget.  And though most would over promise and ultimately under deliver, Jeff on the other hand told us what we didn’t want to hear… that our extension goals were well above our budget.  However, it didn’t end there, Jeff reassured us that he could help us achieve what we were looking for but that possibly going about it in a different way.

He proactively told us about FHA 203k financing, which would really make our plans seems like an actual realty!  He arranged having a mortgage expert join him (with our approval) on our first appointment to make sure we understood how the loan process worked, and what was needed to acquire the finances.  Well after not too much hoopla the loan was approved and we were on our way.  Jeff was very detailed and up front with costs, products, and timing.  We may have been a bit high maintenance with our questions about various things.  But Jeff was a trooper and stayed honest with us.  He would tell us what was possible and what was outside the budget.  He gave us options to pay for certain “upgrades” out of pocket but at discounted prices.

The project had some up front hiccups… even with how Wake County had items documented on our home, septic system, and setbacks was misconceiving.  But he drudged through it and made it happen.  In the end, and through some frustrating moments during the course of the project, we had our extension and it was and still is great!  On budget, and on time!

We won a “Green Special Feature Award” thanks to how Jeff designs and builds – and that’s a huge plus for our family and our environment.  Jeff made sure that we were absolutely happy before he considered the project closed.  He even followed up on a few open items afterwards, which really was the icing on the cake in terms of his sincerity in providing a great product and great service.  Well done Paradise Found Construction!”

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Gabe H.

Home Office Renovation Cary NC

“Jeff did a wonderful job installing the French doors, side lights and transom windows in, what used to be, an open, arched entrance to my office. I told him what I wanted and he brought it to life. It is exactly what I had in mind and more. On top of providing me with a quality product, he was also very quiet and clean. I will definitely call Jeff back for the next home project.”

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John M.

Whole House Green Certified Renovation Raleigh NC

“I am the power of attorney for a dear lady who had to go to a nursing home. The house had to be updated to be sold. The time frame for the project was also very tight because of the circumstances.

Jeff is the consummate professional. This project was on a tight budget. We stayed in total communication throughout the project as to where we were on finances. Even with the tight budget, Jeff was finding ways to get the best bang for the buck.

The quality of workmanship was great. If something needed to be done, Jeff did it himself if the need arose. The bottom line is I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone and would easily use him again if I needed him!”

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Julie R.

Master Bath Remodel Cary NC

“Excellent and knowledgeable professional. Quality product, service and price. Very reliable, trustworthy and dependable. Assisted me in all aspects of a bathroom remodel at a fair price. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.”

At Paradise Found Construction, we’re grateful and honored to be trusted with the homes of our clients in Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Holly Springs, Apex, Durham, and beyond. We are dedicated to providing affordable remodels and new custom homes that fit your unique vision, while partnering with you to scale features to align with your budget. We promise to be transparent and reliable to help you along each step of the way.

Choosing custom construction allows you the flexibility to get everything you want — and nothing you don’t.

If you’re located in Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Durham, Chapel Hill, or any of the surrounding NC areas  let’s start the conversation by scheduling a complimentary consultation.

Katie S.

Multiple Renovation Projects Raleigh NC

“We used Paradise Found Construction to perform some much needed repair to our 18 year-old home. They helped us replace badly fogged windows, rotten window sills, siding and exterior door frames in multiple locations throughout the house. Jeff and his team were very professional and honest when it came to work that needed to be done and other areas of the house that were in good repair and didn’t need additional work at that time. Jeff was also very helpful suggesting materials and replacement parts to use, always giving us options and allowing us to make comparisons before moving forward. We were very satisfied with the work performed and our house has never looked better.”

Laura S.

Master Bath Remodel Cary NC

“Jeff was the general contractor on my bathroom renovation. He was wonderful to work with communicating the steps involved and arranging electrical, HVAC, plumbing, tile and paint subcontractors. I only had a problem with the paint subcontractors not showing up on time once – Jeff was on them like glue. 

After I paid him, we had two part problems (a faulty valve) and a heated floor thermostat. Neither were his fault, but was very much on top of sending out the right people to fix the parts (and order new ones).  Anyone who is on top of things after being paid in full is someone I want to work with again.  I would not hesitate to recommend him. 

His quote was the highest of the two other contractors we got bids for but we had a good feeling that he would be the most professional and we also felt like he did the most thorough estimate and that if we had gone with one of the other two, their price might had crept up as “surprises” always happen in big renovations. 

Jeff’s price did not go up once we started.”

Mary Sue K.

Whole House Green Certified Renovation Raleigh NC

“I wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job remodeling my parent’s home! I truly love everything that you did to transform this wonderful home for the young couple that will bring new life to it. Best of luck and success with your future endeavors!”

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Molly M.

Attic Au Pair Suite and Bathroom Cary NC

“To say that this project went fantastically is an understatement! We are delighted and so impressed with Jeff’s services. The bathroom turned out better than we ever thought it could; it is fabulous!! Jeff is an amazing contractor and what we appreciate the most about him is his amazing communication. He was great at sending a timeline at the beginning of each week and managed our expectations when there were delays. This was excellent as we never felt like we were in the dark. His sub-contractors were all courteous and Jeff was always there to help ensure that their respective jobs were done well and cleaned up at the end of each day. What we also really appreciated is that he worked within our budget and allowed us to have a lot of input (from bathroom layout to what shower was used to the hand towel holder). I was very involved and he was very accommodating and tolerant of me!! We now have an amazing living space and we like this bathroom better than ours. I cannot recommend Jeff and Paradise Found enough!! We appreciated his work so much that we’re having him remodel another part of our home – that is a tremendous recommendation unto itself!”

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Robin T.

Whole House Green Certified Renovation Chapel Hill NC

“After deciding we would stay in our home of 19 years, we met with Mr. Wiblitzhouser to outline our interest in an extensive combination of needed repairs, updating and upgrading several living spaces, and lowering energy and water use for our house. He responded with an excellent, cost -effective, and often innovative plan for renovating a 40+ year-old house built during an era without much thought for efficiency. The demolition phase was done with care, preserving many components for re-use and recycling whenever possible. A new roof was installed and almost all exterior trim was replaced and restored to the original design. New hardwood floors were installed in the kitchen and powder room, and new tile in the laundry. The kitchen was thoroughly renovated, with new cabinets, granite counters, backsplash, and plumbing.

Mr. Wiblitzhouser worked with us to incorporate art tile features from a Raleigh artist. The downstairs powder room and family room was completely renovated as well, including adding a new window and stone veneer for the existing brick fireplace. All downstairs floors were refinished, crown molding was installed throughout, new French doors were added for the living room, and new lighting fixtures were added throughout. One of the best parts of the renovation was turning a dated screen porch into a beautiful 3-season room. Mr. Wiblitzhouser provided an innovative design with PGT sliding windows above fixed glass windows, new pine flooring, and a beaded ceiling with decorative molding pattern. Just as important as updating the living areas, Paradise Found Construction did an excellent job increasing our energy efficiency and reducing water use. One of our favorite renovations was turning our single whole-house HVAC system into a dual zone system (upstairs/downstairs). This is the first time we were able to make the upstairs comfortable in the summer. A direct-vent gas fireplace insert was added for efficiency and comfort. All of the old original plumbing fixtures were replaced with Water-Sense rated faucets and 1-gallon per flush toilets. An efficient on-demand water heater replaced the old and inefficient electric heater.

In all stages of the renovation, Mr. Wiblitzhouser worked well in managing the various sub-contractor crews, and he worked well with us to implement our design ideas and selection of components and fixtures. On several occasions he went with us to plumbing, kitchen, and tile stores to help guide our selections. He did an outstanding job in keeping us constantly informed about schedules, costs, and any issues that arose, and he provided outstanding advice regarding changes as the project proceeded. Most of all, Mr. Wiblitzhouser paid attention to every detail, from paint to molding to all aspects of construction to make sure the work was done correctly and to the highest quality. On many occasions, he worked with sub-contractors to bring their final work up to his standards, and he spent considerable time himself in working on final finishing work.

Following the renovation, the house looks beautiful inside and out. For us, it is like living in a new home. With the upgraded 3-season room, we feel like we added new space to the house, and we now have our home open to the 3-season room on most days. Mr. Wiblitzhouser was able to implement everything we wanted and guided us on things the house needed. With the increases in energy and water efficiencies, we anticipate substantially lower utility bills in the years to come, while the house will feel more comfortable year-around. These features will also reduce our contributions of greenhouse gasses, which is important to us. We very much appreciated the use of low-VOC paints, finishes, and materials and the re-use and recycling of as much material as possible during the renovation. As very pleased owners and occupants of this excellently renovated home, my husband and I strongly recommend Paradise Found Construction for your remodeling needs.”

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Steve R.

Master Bedroom Addition Raleigh NC

“Jeff was outstanding in helping us figure out exactly what we wanted to achieve with our remodel, and then delivered an outstanding result — in very little time! We love our new master bedroom!”

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Susan W.

Complete Bathroom Remodel Cary NC

“Paradise Found did an amazing job on our bathroom remodel, and at a price lower than some we were quoted. From the beginning, we made it clear we had a specific budget in mind. Jeff went to a lot of trouble to plan everything down to the last nickel, and we didn’t spend anything beyond what we had expected. He held our hands on some of the hard parts, like choosing the right materials for our needs and our budget. The entire process moved on schedule, and although they did a lot of the work themselves, when subcontractors were needed, either Jeff or Luke was always at our house to get them started. There were a couple of issues, but all were resolved. It was a near painless project, and follow up was excellent. This group excels at communication. We love our new bathroom!”

Tricia G.

Whole House Renovation Raleigh NC

“I’m really enjoying my ‘new’ home after a renovation by Paradise Found Construction!I highly recommend this company to help you realize your home vision.

Paradise Found did an excellent job:

  •  remodeling a large master bath from scratch
  •  creating an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings and skylights
  •  finishing several areas throughout the house

The result is a cohesive contemporary home that turned out even better than I imagined.Jeff W. is hardworking, professional,  personable, dependable, and vastly knowledgeable. He ran the project on schedule, while demonstrating flexibility and integrity as unforeseen challenges arose.Jeff’s an expert in sourcing high quality, high value, and environmentally friendly materials. Construction debris are recycled and donated whenever feasible.

Together, Jeff and I came up with a distinctive master bath floor plan that I’d never considered. With his oversight, sub-contractors implemented the technically challenging design with precision. Every day, I enjoy my new upscale master suite – the kind I’d picture on Houzz or in Architectural Digest.

I received invaluable advice on design, architectural details, lighting placement, and more. At every turn, Jeff’s advice contributed to staying true to the vision, which is especially important for an open floor plan. For example, Jeff suggested changing an existing arched doorway that would have stood out (negatively) because it just didn’t fit the new design. As another example, when I said I pictured ‘minimalist’ floor moldings, Jeff found a few options that would look unique and customized, not just off-the-shelf.

Jeff’s recommendation to use single-pane casement windows transformed the house. It’s so much more bright, airy, and integrated with the picturesque woods surrounding it. I just can’t believe what a difference it makes, nor can I picture how the existing windows would have fit in. Good call, Jeff!

At all times, Jeff paid incredible attention to detail, and ensured that sub-contractors did the same. I mentioned the bath. As another example, the drywall work around the windows and doors throughout the house is impeccable.

With patience, Jeff would walk me through upcoming decisions and their implications. It was so valuable when he brought up things that wouldn’t have occurred to me. For example, several finishing details around the kitchen windows and cabinets could have been unsightly had shortcuts been taken. In contrast, every day, I’ve been appreciating PFC’s fine work.

A beautiful job!”

Ursula M.

Whole House Remodel Cary NC

“Paradise Found Construction and Mr. Wiblitzhouser have been a real pleasure to work with. We hired them to completely update our home in Cary including our kitchen, master bath, flooring, windows, siding, and roof. Their Design and Build process is superb and flowed smoothly and seamlessly from the start of design to last day of construction.

We felt that their analysis and design phase was well thought out and that all feasible options were explored. They listened to our needs and vision and helped us with design ideas, always keeping our budget in mind. We worked through several design concepts until we found the one that was even better than our original thoughts!

Our final design and proposal was very professional and easy to follow. All specifications were thoroughly documented so that we knew exactly what was included in our project. Our kitchen and master bathroom design drawings were beautifully rendered in Color 3D, which gave us the confidence and assurance that what we envisioned was exactly what we were going to get!

The work site was kept well organized and neat and clean, and we never had to ask what was happening next or what to expect. Their communication was first rate!

All budget allowances worked out right on target with the actual costs of the items, and we really appreciated the ability to easily change the style and finish of any of the many design elements and options we were given in our design! They kept us on track with making our design selections for tile, granite, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, appliances, flooring, and provided us with a portfolio of fantastic and talented local suppliers and vendors, and given plenty of lead time to make our choices.

Their subcontractors were all highly professional and exceptional craftsmen. They were prompt, considerate and respectful of our schedule, and treated our home and our family, pets, and belongings with the same care that we do. Jeff and his team paid attention to every small detail, many that we wouldn’t have noticed. And when we wanted to add something on to the project, that was never a problem.

We wouldn’t consider any other company than Paradise Found Construction for our future home improvement needs and our planned new custom home.”

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If you are considering either an addition or adding an accessory dwelling unit. Choosing Paradise Found Construction allows you the flexibility to get everything you want — and nothing you don’t. We work closely with you to understand your vision. Using 3D visual design our team will bring it to life. To be sure, we will help you create a home that is both beautiful and inviting.
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