Home Office in Cary, NC

Angela and Gabe had recently moved into their large new Cary, NC home.

Gabe worked mostly from home, and spent a great deal of his time on the phone. They had a toddler who was often home during the day, and another addition to the family on the way!

Gabe was finding it increasingly more difficult to spend the quality time he needed in his Home Office because it was separated from the main house by a door-less opening, and he was often subject to disruptions from his energetic toddler and the normal sounds of a busy and active family. But, he also didn’t want to feel isolated and closed off from his family; he just needed to reduce the external noises.

Our solution was to re-configure the openings to his Home Office and the Dining Room across the Foyer Hall, and harmonize them with the glass transom over the adjacent front door with matching “side-lights”.

We removed the arches from both openings, and installed a transom over the Dining Room entry and large double French Doors with an overhead transom and matching “side-lights” in the entry to his Home Office.

The new doors and transoms gave Gabe the noise reduction he needed, but also allowed him to see what was going on outside of his Home Office and not feel cut-off and isolated from his family. And, all of the new glass functioned to add a spectacular pizzazz to the newly redesigned Entry Foyer!

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