Aging in Place vs. Assisted Living

Age In Place Home Addition or Remodel vs. Moving to an Assisted Living Community Cary, NC

Aging In Place

If you’ve taken the time to ponder where you will live as you get older and you’ve opted to stay at home, you are not alone. Now more than ever aging Americans are choosing to stay at home instead of moving to assisted living. Deciding to age at home is a natural inclination. Home feels comfortable, secure, and effortless. 

Conversely, that doesn’t mean that aging in place is the right choice for everyone. In fact, aging adults in ill health may find they fare better in assisted living communities than they do staying at home. Whether you choose to age in your own home or move into a senior community, there are benefits and challenges to both options.

Construction projects that are a good investment if you plan to retire at home

When undertaking a large remodeling or home addition project, it makes sense to do your homework. Research your local real estate market and find out if your project will increase your home value

Also, keep in mind no one can offer generalized prices for remodeling projects, because costs vary significantly depending on the condition of the homeland specific wants and needs.Depending on where you live, the right project may return 100% of your investment. If you’re thinking about remodeling or adding an addition, here are some suggestions from the team at Paradise Found Construction.

Whole House Remodels

Have several rooms in your home become antiquated and energy inefficient? Renovating your entire home with a comprehensive approach brings renewed comfort and function. When your home is skillfully designed-built to your specific needs and vision, it's life-changing.

Ground-Level Owner’s Suite Additions

A ground-level owner’s suite addition is a great investment for individuals and couples who plan to remain in their homes as they age. Construction of the owner's bedroom suite includes meticulous planning, especially with the plumbing for shower, tub, and toilet. 

Finished attics & basements remodels

A finished basement or attic is a great way to add square footage to your home. Your attic and your basement already exist in your home and can be remodeled into an au pair suite, in-law suite, home theatre, or wine cellar, you’re only limited by your vision!

Points to consider, making the decision to renovate your home can be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. It’s important to be well informed about the process so you can understand what is ahead.  Be realistic. Remodeling is always more costly than you think so be prepared to spend more than you hear quoted on scripted TV. If you can wrap your mind around those hard and true facts then it’s actually easy to pan ahead. 

In short, it makes sense to remodel or add an addition when you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your investment for years to come. Only minor remodel should be considered if relocating to an assisted living community is your primary goal. 

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