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Posted on October 18, 2013 9:59 am

These days, it’s not unusual for someone to work from home. More and more people have created a home office for themselves, a little bit of workspace from which they can park a computer and take care of business.

One of our clients came to us with a home office problem. The space he used for his office was separated from the rest of the house with just a wide archway. The room’s location was off the side of the entry hallway directly across from the dining room, which also was set apart with the same large archway. Both the office and the dining room were toward the front of the house, the front door and the entry foyer.

Without a wall or a door at the office, there was no way to reduce or shut out any normal noise or activity from the other inhabitants of the house. This became an ever increasing problem as our client’s young toddler got older, more mobile and entered the office more frequently, and the house became a busier place.

Our client needed to find a way to reduce the noise yet not feel isolated from the family.  The solution was to remove the archway and install a set of large double French doors, over which were installed a transom. To unify the look, we also removed the archway from the opposite dining room and installed the same transom. This allowed a visual connect from one room to the next, and also gave the house a more contemporary style.

The addition of the new glass doors and transoms allowed our client to control the sounds that entered his office space but it did not deter him from seeing what was going on outside of his workspace. He had a window into the rest of the house, which allowed him to still feel like part of the family, and could work more effectively. In addition, the new design added light and dimension to the foyer and to the rest of the home.

See BEFORE and AFTER photos in our Project Showcase.

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